The seven acre site for this project is located 15 miles west of Moscow. The project will include a 15,000 SF main residence, a 9,000SF pool and guest quarters building and a 6,000 SF personnel and support structure.  The residence building consists of three wings: a main wing with major spaces oriented across the flood plain towards the views of the nearby Moscow river, a bedroom wing with an east-west orientation, and a winter garden.The structures take advantage of the complex site topography to create a dynamic and harmonious composition. The residence and pool buildings are partially cut into the ground in order to reduce their visual bulk.  A footbridge leads to an observation platform that hovers above the ground and provides a 360-degree view of the beautiful Russian countryside and the buildings carefully "hugging" the wooded slopes.

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Plan concept

Plan concept

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Gorki Estate

Gorki Estate

Stephen MacCracken (Principal)
Hutch Mouradian (Project Architect)
Mark Damrel (Designer)